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Smart Home Demonstration Video

This 3.5 min video showcases most of the smart home uses covered in this blog and more. It shows how a smart home can enhance the way of living.

Ranging from Lighting, Alarm system integration, Video and monitoring, Appliances integration, Scene controls, Visitor notifications, Fire Alarm sequences, Entertainment and Home Audio integration, Motion Sensors, Temperature sensors, Light sensors, In-Wall tablets, Voice control and Smart Thermostat integration.

Whole house automation is becoming more and more popular without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars. Many DIY products can be integrated directly or through 3rd party solutions into a home automation system.

Alexa Drop-in

Amazon released a new software update allowing you to use your Alexa and Dot devices as intercom devices within your household using the green ring from the Alexa calling feature as an indicator. Just in time with the release of the Echo Show, Amazon released an...

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Connected Home vs Smart Home

People believe "smart homes" and "connected homes" are the same. You might even see terms like "true smart home", where companies try to bring their point across of having a home, which is more than an assembly of connected devices. Let's look into those terms and...

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C by GE

GE announced on December 6th 2016 a new line up complementing their C by GE products. GE Lighting already released Bluetooth controller bulbs earlier this year, but now they claim, that they redefined smart living with their new product line. This new product line is...

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Azure DataMarket shutdown

Microsoft announced the shutdown of their datamarket place as you can see in that email. One of their services being used in smart home deployment is their TTS (Text to Speech) service allowing smart homes to announce events using voice options in different languages...

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The Haus is closing its doors

Some sad news from the Home Automation market... After not even one year of opening its doors, the home automation university "The Haus" based in Denver is closing its doors for good. The company assets are being auctioned online. The company Xssentials offering their...

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Ecobee3 Lite

Ecobee released a new product - the Ecobee 3 lite. Unlike other competitors, where they release a gen 2 or gen 3 product, Ecobee has downsized the features for households which don't need all the fancy features allowing them to bring the price down significantly. In...

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Google finally revealed more details around their Google Home assistant product on Oct 4th 2016. They also allow now pre-orders to be placed for their official release date of Nov 4th 2016. Google is now entering the Voice control market, after they announced earlier...

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CEDIA 2016 Part1

Water leak, smoke detector, motion sensors, dimmers, the buttons, swipe and wall plugs. Fibaro Home Center 2 and Fibaro Home Center Light The new Fibaro Light controller hub launching in October 2016! Fibaro Systems from Poland has officially launched their controller...

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With IoT ranging across a variety of use cases, I wanted to share one initiative which will benefit smart home users. Most homes have at least one or two sunk pumps installed in their homes (typically in the basement). Those sunk pumps help to prevent flooding of...

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Alexa on your smartwatch

A Chinese company is about to release a new smartwatch which is integrated with Alexa from Amazon (Echo) called "CoWatch". Here are the details published from their Indigo crowd funding page.   Speak, and CoWatch will listen. With a built in dynamic¬†speaker - and...

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IoT driving Home Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is a massive market consisting of a network of physical devices (thermostats, wearables, security cameras, sensors, etc) where those devices collect and exchange data. GE and Cisco are estimating that market to be between 15...

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Garage Door

To automate your garage door you will need a simple Z-wave relay and a sensor to determine if the garage door is closed or opened. Depending on your home controller there are many ways to accomplish this but here are two examples. Vera controller: Z-wave FS20Z-1...

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Wallmount Android Tablets

Here is a way to frame any Android based tablet and wall mount it in the frame, color and style of your choice instead of buying a metal enclosure fitting it perfectly into your existing home design. Hardware required:...

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Philips Hue Tap reseated

after having seen this video on Youtube , I started looking around and contacting a couple of companies. With the help from Enocean and their distributors I purchased the following switches on Amazon...

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