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Smart Home Demonstration Video

This 3.5 min video showcases most of the smart home uses covered in this blog and more. It shows how a smart home can enhance the way of living.

Ranging from Lighting, Alarm system integration, Video and monitoring, Appliances integration, Scene controls, Visitor notifications, Fire Alarm sequences, Entertainment and Home Audio integration, Motion Sensors, Temperature sensors, Light sensors, In-Wall tablets, Voice control and Smart Thermostat integration.

Whole house automation is becoming more and more popular without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars. Many DIY products can be integrated directly or through 3rd party solutions into a home automation system.

Samsung Tablet Wallmount

I am done with my latest project installing a wall mounted Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. This was a nightmare project and I had many setbacks but I am finally there and I painted the enclosure in white to match the other house interior. Here are some pictures and Garrett......

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Yale Door Lock

The kitchen door lock installed and synced without any problem but the front door lock didn't work at all. I tried over 40 times over 2 weeks before I gave up. Then I called support and here is what I learned and what we troubleshooted. A) When you disconnect Vera and...

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Cooper Wired Scene Controller

After having read what options are available and people saying that some of those wired scene controllers are not easy to setup... I thought that this could not be rocket science but I was wrong. I spent one whole morning with reading, research, verbose logging, try...

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Z-Wave Sprinkler system

  This was one of my first projects around Z-wave where I integrated the sprinkler system into the Vera Home Automation system. The goal was to automate the sprinkling of the lawn on the pre-specified times but having the option to overrule and skip watering...

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