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About me

I always had an interest in technology and new innovations. About 3 years ago I started researching home automation and I developed a high interest for that subject. With no background or knowledge in that area, I started small with light switches, controllers, etc after I had chosen my home automation controller which in my case is Vera.

I have tried Homeseer, Smartthings, Vera light and my current system is based on Vera 3, but that doesn’t mean I am stopping here. I am currently transitioning to Homeseer for various reasons. There are already a couple of startups coming out with new home automation controllers and Google’s and Apple’s systems are coming too. Exciting times within the Internet of Things (IoT) market and forecasts are predicting 45% of all homes will have some form of home automation by the year of 2020!

My goal with this website is to share my experience, failures, success stories and lessons learned as the home automation experience varies vastly between products, brands and systems. With that said the return on investment (ROI) is huge providing convenience to you and your families in your own home or at work.

I do want to point out though, that this blog website represents my own view points and not of my employer, Amazon Web Services.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

Best regards,


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