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Here is a way to frame any Android based tablet and wall mount it in the frame, color and style of your choice instead of buying a metal enclosure fitting it perfectly into your existing home design.


Hardware required:
— $20
— $6
— $11
Frame custom made at Michaels
— $79
Velcro from HomeDepot or Lowes
— $14
Piece of thin wood as the backwall of the frame from HomeDepot. I got it for free as it was scrap.
— $0
= $130 Total cost (not including the tablet)

Tools needed:
– Drill for wood
– Drywall cutter
– enough cable 14/2 (code standard) to go from any light switch or power outlet to power the recessed power outlet behind the frame
– screwdriver
– Velcro within the frame and behind the frame
– Studfinder


– Frame order takes about 2 weeks at Michaels.
– Use the drill to make the whole for the edged power USB cable and a hole for your finger to power on/off the tablet. First attempt as you see was a hole in the front but my second tablet I mounted I made a hole at the side of the frame which looks much better
– Use Velcro within the frame so the tablet doesn’t move in any direction when you are using it
– Cut a hole in the wall after you checked for power lines and/or studs and install the recessed box for the USB receptacle (instructions come with the box)
– draw power from any existing switch or power outlet to the recessed box and ensure the wires are properly installed (outlet tester recommended)
–  Install Velcro on wall and on back of frame.


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